Skincare Gone Crazy

Leading dermatologists and psychiatrists have observed a worrying rise in parents bringing their tweens to clinics due to skin and psychological issues linked to an obsession with the latest skincare products.

The latest episode of Spot Diagnosis, “Skincare Gone Crazy”, explores the increasing fixation on skincare among today’s youth and its potential physical and psychological effects. This episode offers parents and practitioners valuable insights and up-to-date information from top clinicians.

Our panel of experts for this episode includes consultant dermatologists Dr Mei Tam and Dr Katherine Armour, consultant psychiatrist Dr Siu-Ying Kwok, and GP Dr Laxmi Iyengar. Together, they analyse the reasons behind young people’s obsession with perfect skin, the risks of using advanced skincare products at a young age, and the psychological motivations driving this pursuit of ‘perfection’.

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Dr Siu-Ying Kwok is a consultant psychiatrist with experience working in both the public and private sectors. Dr Kwok graduated from Monash University and holds a Masters in Psychiatry from The University of Melbourne. She completed her specialist training in psychiatry at NorthWestern Mental Health and Monash Health in Melbourne. She provides treatment across a range of disorders in general adult psychiatry with a particular clinical interest in youth mental health and eating disorders.


Dr Laxmi Iyengar is a GP and education research fellow at the Skin Health Institute. She is passionate about delivering evidence-based medical education for all medical professionals, promoting health equity and fostering interprofessional collaboration.

kim wilson


Kim Wilson is a freelance journalist and content creator with more than 25 years’ experience in news, features and lifestyle reporting. She worked at The Herald Sun for 17 years, while also providing expert commentary on network news and radio. 

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