Biologics and the Skin

In this episode we’ll discuss biologic medications and how they can be used in diseases of the skin, alongside our special guests, Associate Professor Peter Foley and Dr Karen Luetsch. We’ll explore what these drugs are, their potential side effects and how they’re prescribed, with a particular focus on psoriasis and eczema.


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A/PROF PETER FOLEY                       


Associate Professor Peter Foley is a clinical dermatologist and has a wealth of experience in dermatology particularly in the treatment of psoriasis. He is Australia’s only councillor on the International Psoriasis Council and served on the steering committee of GRAPPA (Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis).

A/Prof Foley currently holds the positions of Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (Dermatology) at the University of Melbourne, Director of Research at the Skin Health Institute and Head, Dermatology Research, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. He is a visiting dermatologist at the Photobiology, Phototherapy and Biologics Clinics at St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, and the Phototherapy and Biologics Clinics at the Skin Health Institute.

As the Director of Research, A/Prof Foley directs the Institute’s rapidly expanding clinical trials program and is co-convenor of the Australasian Psoriasis Registry. To date he has been an author on well over 100 peer reviewed publications, including the reports of many of the pivotal trials of biologics in psoriasis and has been an investigator in over 100 clinical trials, many for new therapies for psoriasis.

SHI Clinic: Advanced Targeted Therapies, Atopic Dermatitis & Phototherapy

DR KAREN LUETSCH                   

Dr Karen Luetsch is a pharmacist whose career started as a clinician and health service manager after completion of her PhD in medicinal chemistry. She has worked as an educator, educational designer and team manager on behalf of NPSMedicineWise, health services and multiple NGOs in all healthcare settings to improve medication and patient safety. Karen has taught in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the School of Pharmacy and Medicine at the University of Queensland, with a focus on critical appraisal, evidence-based medicine and interprofessional collaboration.

As a Senior Research Fellow at the University of South Australia, Karen has developed evidence summaries and resources for the ViP bDMARDs Program and discussed these with many dermatologists, gastroenterologists and rheumatologists over the last 18 months.

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