The Skin Health Institute is a not-for-profit centre of excellence in skin health that delivers highly specialised clinical treatment, education and research for skin diseases, skin cancers and melanoma.

Centre of Excellence

The Institute improves skin health for all Australians through research which shapes clinical treatment and practice around the world.

Recognised education provider

SHI delivers a wide range of skin health education for healthcare professionals and registrars in our dermatology training centre.

Not-for-profit organisation

The Skin Health Institute is not-for-profit and a registered charity with all proceeds directed back into the organisation.

Cutting edge treatments

The Institute provides highly specialised clinical treatment for skin diseases, skin cancers and melanoma.


We offer a wide range of dermatology clinics and services including specialty clinics for the treatment of more complex skin conditions.


A new chapter in SHI’s leadership 

The Skin Health Institute’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15 November marked a significant transition in leadership. After four years at the


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