For Patients

The Skin Health Institute is a not-for-profit health organisation and a centre of excellence, focusing on three core pillars: Treatment, Education and Research.

At the Skin Health Institute, we aim to improve skin health for all Australians, and the research we conduct shapes clinical treatment and practice around the world.

We receive no government funding and rely on the support of our members and patients to continue to provide the highest-standard services to our community, ensure our patients are cared for, and continue to conduct ground-breaking research.

Clinics and Specialist Services

One of our core missions is to provide patient-focused, world-class dermatological care.

Patient Information

The Skin Health Institute is a centre of excellence in dermatology, providing leading-edge treatments and the highest standard of care for all skin conditions.


The Skin Health Institute offers Telehealth appointments to those that are unable to attend the clinic in person.

Skin Conditions

We examine the causes and symptoms of these conditions to demystify them, to help you talk about them and to seek treatment if needed.

Patient Stories

Patient stories are personal accounts of individuals’ experiences with medical conditions and treatments.

Patient Support Groups

There are a range of groups that provide patient support services for those affected by various dermatology conditions.


The Skin Health Institute is continuously striving to improve the services that we provide, and to this end, we truly value your feedback.

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