Australasian Dermatology Registry

The Australasian Dermatology Registry (ADR) is currently under development and will provide prospective longitudinal data for a wide range of skin conditions and provide monitoring and surveillance of current and emerging therapies.

The registry data will provide Real-World Evidence (RWE) which can be used to identify the appropriateness and effectiveness of care and the risk factors associated with variation in treatment outcomes.  The information collected will support treatment decision-making and improve the quality-of-care patients receive.  The data collected can also support evidence-based decision-making across all the relevant stakeholder groups. 

The dermatology registry will be developed in a staged method; initially, psoriasis,  atopic dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa and vitiligo will be included in the registry, with additional conditions added as there is interest and funding.


We are always looking for new hospitals and dermatology practices to contribute patient data into the ADR. You will help us to learn more about development and management of skin conditions in Australia and New Zealand and, ultimately, improve patient care and the quality of life for people living with these diseases.

Australian healthcare professionals can learn more about the ADR, including how their patients’ data is collected, by calling (03) 9623 9470 or by visiting the ADR website (currently under development).


The ADR will provide training to assist dermatology practices in Australia and New Zealand with entering and updating data.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration on how the ADR will collect your patients’ data, and to help train users on data entry into the registry, please contact Julie Armstrong, Clinical Registry Co-Ordinator.


For all ADR enquiries please contact Julie Armstrong, Clinical Registry Co-ordinator:

Phone | (03) 9623 9470  
Email | [email protected]


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