Contact Allergen Bank Australia

Contact Allergen Bank Australia (CABA), based on an idea that originated in Denmark, is a new initiative in Australia that assists dermatologists in diagnosing allergic contact dermatitis (ACD).

It involves the preparation of individualised patch tests, which are sent out to dermatologists’ practices.


  • to provide Australian dermatologists, particularly those in regional centres, with access to comprehensive patch testing resources, available in a timely manner
  • to improve the prognosis of patients with contact dermatitis, with the identification of allergens relevant to their skin condition
  • to collect data on the results of patch testing nationally
  • to enable dermatologists to develop experience and expertise in contact dermatitis, without the costs of purchasing allergens or paying for nursing staff.


Dermatologists select patch test series that they would like to test on a particular patient. Ordering of allergens is available online, via fax or by emailing [email protected]

The patch tests are then prepared at the Skin Health Institute in Melbourne, and mailed to the dermatologist, together with a test sheet, prepared from our computerised patch testing program, PatchCams©.

Once registered for CABA you will be given access to the website, which has many information sheets and patch testing guides.


Click here to register or for further information.


For all CABA enquiries please contact Amanda Palmer, Clinical Nurse Consultant:

Phone | 03 9623 9402

Email | [email protected]

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