In this episode we’ll discuss male genital skin and mucosal conditions. We’ll particularly focus on inflammatory conditions such as balanitis & lichen sclerosus, signs suggestive of malignancy and presentations of sexually transmitted infections. 

Our panel of experts for this episode includes dermatologists A/Prof Anthony Hall and Dr Mark Darling.

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Tony Hall is a clinical dermatologist in Geelong, Australia. After graduating from Monash University, he completed his Fellowship with Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. After working for 14 years in general medical practice Tony commenced training in dermatology and completed his Fellowship with the Australasian College of Dermatologists. His clinical interests include medical and genital dermatology while teaching medical students, dermatology trainees, family physicians and other specialist colleagues. Tony is senior dermatologist to Male Genital Dermatology Clinic at Skin Health Institute, Carlton and Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Deakin University. His textbook “Atlas of Male Genital Dermatology” was published in 2019 (Springer Nature Switzerland AG) and later also translated into Portuguese.


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