Vasculitis: Approach to Palpable Purpura

In this episode, we explore vasculitis with guest expert Associate Professor Rob Kelly. We’ll discuss the causes of vasculitis, different subtypes including small vessel, medium vessel and large vessel disease, how we might investigate for vasculitis and the variety of treatment options available.

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A/Prof Robert Kelly has been the Director of Clinical Dermatology Services at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne from 2008 to present, where he has been extensively engaged in clinical teaching and research. 

His research interests include vasculitis, panniculitis, inflammatory ulceration and wound healing for which he established a specialist clinic at St Vincent’s and has over 35 publications in peer reviewed journals along with a co-authored chapter(106) in the textbook “Dermatology” (edited by Jean Bolognia).  

The University of Melbourne conferred Rob as Associate Professor in 2019. He served on the Board of the Australasian College of Dermatology and lectures both in Australia and internationally.

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