Spot Diagnosis’ A/Prof Alvin Chong features on the Aussie Med Ed Podcast 

A/Prof Alvin Chong, the co-creator and co-host of the Spot Diagnosis Podcast, was recently a guest on the Aussie Med Ed podcast hosted by orthopaedic surgeon Dr Gavin Nimon. During this episode they explore prevalent dermatological conditions commonly encountered in Australia, with a focus on skin cancer and acne. 

The Aussie Med Ed is a medical education podcast designed to educate medical students, practitioners and anyone looking to broaden their understanding of the medical field. The podcast is known for interviewing specialists in their respective field and highlighting a wide range of medical conditions.  

With the rise of skin cancer among younger populations, the episode discusses the importance of sun protection. It explores the detrimental effects sun exposure has on our skin, offers guidance on applying sunscreen effectively,and highlights the importance of public health campaigns in educating the broader population and helping to combat the rise of skin cancer.  

Alvin and Gavin also delve into the most recent advancements in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, providing insights into the progress made in melanoma treatment, with emphasis on the role of immune checkpoint inhibitors.  

Additionally, the episode touches on acne, a prevalent skin condition affecting approximately 80% of individuals aged 12 to 25. Alvin discusses the spectrum of acne presentations, ranging from milder forms that can be managed with over-the-counter topical treatments to more severe nodular cystic acne, which typically requires prescription oral medications.  

This engaging discussion between A/Prof Alvin Chong and Dr Gavin Nimon sheds light on common dermatological issues, providing valuable knowledge for medical professionals and the broader public. 

You can listen to the Aussie Med Ed episode with A/Prof Alvin Chonghere. 

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