World Psoriasis Day 2023: access for all 

World Psoriasis Day (WPD) is a global initiative, uniting millions of people who suffer from psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. With its roots extending to 2004, WPD aims to spread awareness and advocate for access to the right treatment at the right time for those living with psoriasis. 

Psoriasis affects over 125 million individuals worldwide. It’s not just a skin condition; it’s a global concern. WPD plays a crucial role in disseminating vital information, offering a glimmer of hope for those facing life with this condition. 

WPD brings the psoriasis community together, forging connections among patients, their families, and friends. Through events like runs, walks, and educational seminars, people come together to support each other. These gatherings share not only personal experiences but also the latest scientific and medical insights, spreading optimism and knowledge in equal measure. 

Access to adequate medical care is a right. WPD helps to raise awareness and generate funds for critical research that broadens treatment horizons. Especially in regions with limited healthcare access, these funds are the lifeline for delivering quality care to those who need it the most. 

The 2023 theme for WPD is “access for all.” It’s a call to action for universal healthcare access and timely, appropriate treatment for all psoriasis patients. 

In this spirit, we’ve created a video where we look at access more closely and ask: 

  1. What does the right treatment at the right time mean to you? 
  1. What does universal healthcare mean to your patients? 
  1. What are psoriasis advocates doing to promote access for all? 

At the Skin Health Institute, we’re dedicated to advancing the cause of WPD. We’ve been actively involved in clinical trials for psoriasis, which have not only improved patient outcomes but have also brought new treatments to market. The pursuit of knowledge and innovation continues through current psoriasis trials. We offer a range of resources, including our Spot Diagnosis Podcast, which provides valuable insights into psoriasis. 

We also continue to see patients at our Advanced Targeted Therapies Clinic, a hub for those seeking cutting-edge treatments.  

Our mission and values reflect our commitment to making the right treatment available to every patient. We firmly stand behind the idea of “access for all” as we continue to expand our educational initiatives and raise awareness about psoriasis. 

Today we use this platform to advocate for “access for all.” Your story, your voice, and your support matter. 

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