Leadership transition and new appointments at 2023 AGM

The Skin Health Institute convened its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15 November, marking a change in its governance and leadership. 

Outgoing President A/Prof Rosemary Nixon AM passed the mantle to Dr Edward Upjohn, who was voted in as the new President.  

During the 2022 Annual General Meeting, a decision was made by our members to amend the governance structure. In a resolution to amend the Statement of Purposes and Rules of Skin Health Institute Incorporated, specifically Article 13, it was decided to expand the management committee (Committee or Board) by adding additional dermatologists. 

In the subsequent implementation of this resolution, A/Prof Peter Foley, Dr Sarah Smithson and Dr Flora Poon were duly elected to the Board at the 2023 AGM. 

They join the team of continuing Board members, including Treasurer Jim Power, Governance Committee Chair Dr Damien Angus, A/Prof Aaron Robinson, Dr Jennifer Cahill, A/Prof Patrick Mahar OAM, Hamish Walton, and Margie Stewart. 

With the new leadership and increased medical expertise on the Board, the Skin Health Institute is poised for continued growth, excellence, and impactful contributions to the field of dermatology. 

We thank Rosemary for her leadership and service and wish her all the best in her future endeavours at SHI. 

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