World Psoriasis Day 2022

On Saturday 29 October, we took a moment to observe World Psoriasis Day, the annual day dedicated to people living with psoriatic disease.

The theme of World Psoriasis Day 2022 was ‘mental health’ which has been recognised as a significant factor for those living with psoriatic disease.

Statistics show that a quarter of people living with psoriatic disease exhibit signs of depression, and as many as 48% have anxiety disorders. This is both a physical symptom of the inflammation that causes psoriatic disease and a result of the day-to-day difficulties of living with the disease.

To show our support for World Psoriasis Day, the Skin Health Institute has put together a webinar chaired by A/Prof Peter Foley. The panel discussion facilitated various conversations about mental health complications and solutions for those living with psoriatic disease. Panel members included two patients, Dr Rebecca Nguyen (dermatologist), Murray Turner (Psoriasis Australia CEO) and Sue Anderson (Clinical Nurse Consultant).

The discussions on the panel focused on what the impact of COVID-19 has had on patients’ mental health, what the quality of life is for patients living with psoriasis, how we can minimise the additional burden on people living with psoriasis with proper mental health support, the bidirectional relationship between psoriatic disease and depression and how timely and proper treatment of psoriatic disease improves depression.

You can watch the webinar for World Psoriasis Day 2022 here.

Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, affects millions of individuals worldwide, including a significant number of Australians. This August, during Psoriasis Awareness Month, we aim to shed light on this prevalent condition, raise awareness, and emphasise the importance of empathy and support for those living with psoriasis.

In Australia, psoriasis is estimated to impact approximately 2-3% of the population, making it a relatively common dermatological concern. Despite its prevalence, psoriasis remains widely misunderstood, leading to misconceptions and stigmatisation among patients.

At the Skin Health Institute, we have committed our support to Psoriasis Awareness Month with a mission to create empathy and awareness for people with psoriasis and promote a better understanding of this condition. We recognise that beyond medical treatment, patients need compassionate support and understanding from their communities. Through various initiatives, we strive to foster an environment of compassion and knowledge, allowing patients to feel heard and supported as they learn to manage their condition.

Our dedication to enhancing dermatological care extends to providing the latest treatment options. Our Advanced Targeted Therapies Clinic offers cutting-edge therapies that specifically address psoriasis, tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Our expert dermatologists work closely with patients to develop personalised treatment plans, empowering them to manage their condition effectively and improve their quality of life.

Education is key to unlocking progress in dermatology, so through our suite of educational resources, we seek to help health professionals to stay at the forefront of their clinical practice. Our Masterclasses, GP Workshops, Advanced Therapeutics Education Portal, and Spot Diagnosis podcast episodes provide valuable insights and updates on psoriasis management and treatment options.

As part of our commitment to advancing psoriasis research, we are actively conducting clinical trials focused on nail and body psoriasis. These trials play a crucial role in uncovering innovative treatments and improving outcomes for people with psoriasis. By participating in our clinical trials, individuals not only contribute to medical advancements but also have the opportunity to access potential breakthrough therapies.

During Psoriasis Awareness Month and beyond, we stay dedicated in the pursuit of improving patient outcomes, expanding healthcare professional knowledge and advancing treatment options.         

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