SHI introduces new Acne Clinic

The Skin Health Institute is opening an Acne Clinic on 24 February for all patients aged 12 and above with a valid GP referral.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, and generally peaks in adolescence and early adulthood, affecting around 85% of people between the ages of 12 to 24. Though it is often thought of as a teenage problem, acne can occur in people of any age, though it grows less common as time goes on.

Hormones and stress are the main causes of acne with research showing that increased stress is linked to new outbreaks or worsening acne.

Acne is a medical condition, so it is sensible to seek medical advice, especially if it is affecting a patient’s mental health.

Medical treatment for acne should be provided sooner rather than later as it can reduce the risk of permanent physical scars and help with the emotional distress acne can sometimes cause.

When a patient visits our Acne Clinic to receive treatment, our treating dermatologist, Associate Professor Aaron Robinson, will consider the patients circumstances such as the extent and severity of their acne, if they have scars or are at risk of scarring, as well as the emotional and social impact of their acne.

Treatment may include providing guidance in choosing the right skin care products to help control acne, prescribing of medication or suggestion of potential lifestyle changes.

We want to make it easier for GPs to refer to our Acne Clinic, and indeed any of our clinics, so we have taken previous feedback on board and are changing our referral process.

GPs can now refer their patients directly to the Skin Health Institute for the specific skin condition they believe requires treatment.

The new Acne Clinic will be held on the last Friday of every month with our first appointments available on February 24.

We encourage our existing GPs start referring their patients for their acne problems and for interested patients to see their GP for a referral to the Skin Health Institute Acne Clinic now.

Please send your referral to [email protected] and contact us on 03 9623 9400 to book an appointment.

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