Professor Ingrid Winship AO


Professor Winship is the Inaugural Chair of Adult Clinical Genetics at the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital, commencing in November 2006. 

She was also at this time appointed as Melbourne Health's Executive Director of Research and during her 12-year tenure, Professor Winship made significant contributions to improve research capacity and activity within the organisation, including the launch of a Clinical Trials Research Centre in the city campus, the establishment of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance, and programs to increase engagement for women in research. 

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, she is dual-trained in clinical genetics and dermatology. In 1994, she moved to New Zealand to take an academic position at the University of Auckland where she later became Professor of Clinical Genetics within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. She was Clinical Director of the Northern Regional Genetic Service, a comprehensive genetic service based in Auckland that she initiated in 1995. In her last five years in Auckland, she was Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

Professor Winship is currently a member of the NHMRC Council and Chair of the Australian Health Ethics Committee. She is a Director of the Boards of the Human Genome Organisation, Global and the Australian Genome Research Facility and she served a term on the Board of the Australasian College of Dermatologists from 2017- 2020. 

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