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Dr. Alvin Chong talks...
Dr. Alvin Chong talks…
Skin Health turns 35
Skin Health turns 35
New treatment available
New treatment available


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“Every 4 minutes another Australian is diagnosed with skin cancer and two in three Australians are diagnosed with cancer by the age of 70. Overall, 80% of all recorded cancer cases in Australia are varying forms of skin cancer”

Cancer awareness week 2022

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Spot diagnosis podcast surpases 30,000 downloads

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‘We launched Spot Diagnosis podcast just as the COVID pandemic was declared, in March 2020. Our aim was to provide monthly, evidence-based teaching for medical students and GPs using a free podcast platform and Spot Diagnosis Podcast has now been going for nearly three years. We have published 33 episodes on a range of skin diseases – from acne to psoriasis to melanoma. Amazingly, not only have we found a willing audience locally, but our episodes have also been downloaded over 30,000 times in 109 countries, with each episode averaging more than 700 downloads. We are on the resource lists of many medical schools in Australia and we have been accredited for RACGP and ACCRM CPD education.  

It really takes a village to produce something special like the Spot Diagnosis Podcast. We are incredibly grateful for the support given by the Skin Health Institute, particularly the tireless work done by Ms Jo Coughlin. Jo has been with us from the beginning and has edited every single episode that we have produced. My co-hosts – Dr Tom Kovi, Dr Blake Mumford, Dr Anneliese Willems, Dr Sarah Adamson and A/Prof Aaron Robinson have each worked hard and brought their own personalities and skills to the podcasts. I would also like to thank my specialist colleagues, all of whom had given up their time and expertise to help us record these episodes, and Ms Jasmine Crouch for her help with social media. And finally, the excellent podcast recording team at Balloon Tree Productions. 

I am always thrilled when medical students and GPs tell me that they have listened to the podcast. I believe that in educating our health professionals about skin disease, we are contributing to the skin health of our community.’ 

   – Spot Diagnosis podcast creator, A/Prof Alvin Chong

We would like to thank our Institute Partner Melbourne Pathology for their support of the Spot Diagnosis Podcast.  

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