Healthy Volunteer Blood Donation Research Study

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The purpose of this research is to establish new bioassays (tests) that will support research and development of novel (new) biological therapies designed to target cancer, inflammatory, cardiovascular and Bleeding disorders (e.g. haemophilia). 

To be eligible, participants must be 18 years or older and believe themselves to be HIV and Hepatitis B & C negative. Qualified participants may be asked to donate 40mls of blood (equivalent to 3 teaspoons) at regular intervals. Visits will take place at Skin Health Institute with an experienced research team. There is no cost to participate, and participants will be reimbursed for study-related expenses. 

Approved by the Victorian Minister for Health under section 40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982. 

Please complete the form below to see if you are eligible for this trial. If you have any questions/queries regarding this trial please email |

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