Dr Bruce Tate


Dr Bruce graduated from Monash University in 1982. After completing his hospital residency in 1987 to 1990, he completed research for his doctoral thesis (PhD) in the field of immunogenetics at the Department of Pathology Melboune University under Professor Ian McKenzie and (now Professor) Mark Hogarth.

Dr Bruce has been a consultant dermatologist since 1996. As well as his private practice in St Albans and the Yarraville Specialist Centre, he has also been working as a dermatologist at Western Hospital and the Skin Health Institute.

His particular expertise is contact dermatitis (rashes and allergies from chemicals touching the skin) and he performs patch testing at St Albans. His day to day practice is much broader dealing with a wide variety of skin disorders.

He has been heavily involved in teaching trainee dermatologists, medical students and other doctors for many years. He was Director of Training for the Victorian Faculty of the Australasian College of Dermatologists for 3 years and later on the College’s National Examination Committee for 5 years until 2016, ultimately the College’s Chief Examiner.

SHI Clinic: Contact Dermatitis

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