Implications on the Future of the Treatment Landscape for Atopic Dermatitis (AD)


Tune in to this session to learn more about RSA’s and what clinicians, can do to improve their patients’ access to novel therapies and provide patients with an optimal quality of life.

Key Areas Explored:

  • Overview of a patient journey (through a patient case)
  • Overview of the prevalence of AD
  • Overview of burden of disease throughout a patient’s lifecycle: Psychosocial and financial
  • Overview of the PBAC decision-making process
  • Overview of different pricing and budget tools to contain spending including the cap
  • Explain how caps work
  • Discuss how physicians can engage with the process
  • Overview of the position of the college on this topic and actions taken to date
  • Discuss the impact of the cap on the treatment landscape in Australia
  • Drive a call to action for clinicians in this process
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