Section 5.2 Patchcams A Clinic Management Tool for Patch Testing Centres

About Patchcams©

PatchCams© is an update of the original CAMS© program (Contact Allergen Management System) which was developed in 1999 and based on Microsoft Access®. PatchCams© is now a web-based program.

CAMS© was developed to facilitate patch testing in a clinic setting by designing patch test charts and to provide a database for the collection and compilation of patch test results, in the investigation of allergic contact dermatitis. After a decade of our experience with CAMS©, PatchCams© was launched with additional features: it enables users to collect patient histories electronically, it is accessed via the web, and most importantly data on patch test allergens and reactions is compiled and collected. This allows dermatologists to track both new and changing patterns of allergens. It also crucial in running the Contact Allergen Bank Australia (CABA) service. A new update to the program is launching in 2023 with additional clinical features with more automated results and printing of information sheets.

Information is collected in accordance with privacy regulations.

How PatchCams© can be used:

1. Clinic management tool

As a clinic management tool it allows a patch testing clinic to operate in a paperless manner. It allows dermatologists to compose patch testing charts by assigning allergens. Patient consent is able to be recorded in the system. A full history can be recorded, including collecting information about work history, atopic history, history of conditions, medical history, exposures at work and home, current treatment used to include moisturisers, hand cleansers and medications and diagnosis. Results of patch testing are also recorded including strength of the reaction and relationship of the reaction i.e. relevant or not.

2. Database and statistics

Once patients’ results are entered into PatchCams, the results can be tallied into a statistics report. This allows the identification of emerging allergens contributing to the development of allergic contact dermatitis, and in turn ensures we are patch testing relevant allergens.

If on the consent form a patient does not consent to their patch testing data being used for statistics, their results are extracted from the system and not included.

3. CABA orders and co-ordination

Orders for CABA are lodged and processed via Patchcams, including invoicing, tracking numbers and charts. There are many resources, videos and information sheets available too.

Accessing PatchCams

For users of the previous version of PatchCams©, then known as CAMS©, we do have a service where we may be able to upgrade any data and records to the new PatchCams©.

To access PatchCams©, you need to register via email to [email protected]

Once you have been granted access, a specific clinic will be set up for your particular organisation or dermatology practice. Only those registered to access your clinic will be able to see any patient files and data. A full log about who accesses your clinic is available upon request. It is important for this reason that no passwords are shared and are kept confidential. In 2024 two-factor authentication will be introduced for logging into the system. So please ensure mobile phone numbers are entered into your details screen for each user.

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