Rash Decisions – Diagnosing and Managing Atopic Eczema in General Practice

Eczema, carrying the heaviest global burden of all skin diseases, affects approximately 20%  of all Australian children. With a broad spectrum of clinical presentations, treatment must be nuanced to the individual needs of the patient and family.

Whilst mild disease can be managed through careful patient education, irritant avoidance and topical corticosteroids – the more severe disease can result in sleep interruption, intractable itch and increased susceptibility to skin infections, which can carry a heavy psychological burden for sufferers and their families.

There are a number of emerging therapies for severe eczema that are changing the management landscape. GPs are well-placed to identify patients who may benefit from these.

This workshop provides an in-depth overview of eczema including emerging therapies.

  • Topics covered include:
  • Eczema aetiology
  • Common triggers
  • The role of food allergy
  • The role of itch and sleep interruption in assessing the severity
  • Management encompassing:
  • Topical steroids
  • Immunomodulators
  • Emerging therapies

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